Blog - July 2, 2022

Why they Skip Your Ads and How to fix it.

First, let’s understand why People Skip Ads: because maybe your ad displays fake emotions and stock-like scenes in your pre-roll ads will make people annoying Dds should represent real-life and at a normal range not too fake characters and story.

Here is opel  Mokka – SkipTest video:

People are more likely to skip ads because there is a lack of creativity and personalise in ads to the audience they are viewing according to their geographical locations, behaviours and characteristics.

Here is Burger King about Skip Ads:

Over-branding from the outset leads consumers to skip more. Once consumers know what the brand is, they feel no further need to engage with the ad, so are more likely to skip it. ads should help people and provide value to them.

Here are the ways to prevent skipping ads:

  • Have a good story
  • Make your content feel real>
  • Be emotional and get to the point
  • Make your ads provide value and meaningful opportunities to the viewers.

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